The manufacturing unit consists of 72 honest looms fitted with electronic computer for drop box control, weftstop motion. The yarn is first twisted as per required parameters and the twisted yarn is then used in warping, pirn winding. The fabric is woven on the looms fitted with electronic computer for drop box control etc. The grey fabric removed from the looms are graded as per quality and then folded and packed and then sent for further processing.

Make : Four by One Honest Silk Looms
Working : Four Colour with Laxmi Dobby
Width : 59" and 64"
Production Capacity : Based on the Quality to process

The manufacturing section consists of grey room where grey fabrics are received from the parties which are very well stored wherein the grey inspection, measuring of grey fabrics, spotting and grey inspection reporting is carried out. The main processing hall consists machineries such as four ordinary Jiggers, two Jumbo Jiggers, drum Washing Machine, Float Dryer, Jet Dyeing Machine of 150 kg. capacity, autoclave for Yarn Setting, Stenter, and Decatising Machine.

Make : Jumbo Jiggers
Working : Maximum working width of 60" fabrics
Uses : Used for scouring, bleaching and dyeing of fabrics.
Make : Four Chamber Stenter machine, by SM Energytechnik, Mumbai
Working : Maximum working width of 60".
Capacity   20,000 mts/day finished fabrics.
Uses : Gives dimensional stability, and required finish to the fabric.