Aerial Fabrics

By indigenizing the manufacturing of aeronautical fabric to the Indian Armed Forces and the Indian consumer market, Oriental Mills has continued to develop and innovate in this field. We manufacture high performance aeronautical textiles which are stand out in its superior quality, finish design and application using our integrated manufacturing facility.

3 plus decades of development, on - time production delivery and investments in technological and capacity growth along with participation as development partners with defence laboratories has allowed us to consistently deliver cutting edge and problem solving solutions in the field of aeronautical textiles.

We consistently work with yarn developers in updating technology and new product tests and development which guarantees our fabrics are strong, lightweight, have a higher tear and wear resistance along with low foldable packed volumes.

Our fabrics can withstand extreme and hostile environments , Oriental Mills fabrics have been used for India Space Missions and are currently being tested and used for Indian Space Research Organizations manned space flights.

We are proud members of the Parachute Industry Association & Development Partners for high performance aeronautical fabrics with the Defence and Research Development Office, India.

Our range of aeronautical fabrics made from Nylon, Polyester, Dacron, Kevlar, Dyneema & Vectran undergo a number of extensive tests and checks leaving nothing to chance and ensuring safety and high grade quality with performance. To find out more, click here.

Our aeronautical fabrics from 20 Denier and above find their application in -

  • Parachutes
  • Paragliders
  • Hot - Air Balloons
  • Aerostats and Heli - Kites
  • Parasails
  • High Performance Kites
  • Space Recovery Applications

For a list of our PIA & Mil - Spec Aeronautical Fabrics. Click here to Download

For a list of Indian Standard (IS) and DRDO/ADRDE Fabrics. Click here to Download