Cut and Sew

Oriental Mills provides manufacturing services in textiles and its applications. Oriental Mills employs a focused engineering and manufacturing process that will ensure that designs are well defined and meet all customer requirements.
We help in designing by using innovative solutions to solve complex problems, through our accomplished and highly-skilled team. With superior engineering and program management, we deliver quality, cost-effective products, on schedule and within budget.

Some of our products include

• Strap Assemblies
• Personnel Harnesses
• Pilot/Aircrew Harnesses
• Camouflage Systems
• Inflatables
• Static Lines
• Safety Systems
• Gear Storage Solutions
• Carrier Systems

We work with a range of mil-spec & PIA fabrics and textiles such as –

• Ballistic Nylon
• Cordura®
• Kevlar
• Hapalon
• Neoprene
• Duck Cotton
• Dyneema®

Are you looking for a custom solution for a particular application using textile materials? Find out how Oriental Mills can help your business grow and provide such custom solutions by contacting us here.