Combat Free Fall HAHO:HALO

A RAM Air parachute with high steering and gliding capability. The silent main and reserve canopies are interchangeable.

Consists of following standard equipment

Equipment Details
Canopy Fabric F-111
Canopy Lines Polyester
No. of Cells 9 Cell
Canopy Size 8.84m
Surface Area 34.28 Sq.m
Aspect Ratio 2.6 : 1.0
Drogue Chute Spring Deployment
Equipment Details
Lift to Drag Ratio 3.3 : 1.0
Rate of Decent Full Glide : 3.0-4.25 m/sec
Half Brakes : 1.5-3.0 m/sec
Full Brakes : 0.6-1.8 m/sec
Turn Rate 10-12 sec for a turn of 360 Deg.
Forward Speed 40 kmph
Opening Time 3-4 Sec
Load Capacity 150 Kg Maximum
Min. Opening Altitude 300 m
Max. Opening Altitude 10000 m
Max. Deployment Speed 77 m/sec or 150 knots

Parachute Tactical Assault

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Consists of following standard equipment

Equipment Details
Rate of Descent 5.45 m/s
Canopy Diameter 8 meter
Dropping Load 150 kgs
Min. Dropping Height 600 ft. AGL
Equipment Details
Suspended Load Mass 150 kgs (max)
Max. Dropping Height 15000 ft. AMSL
Canopy Material Nylon Light Weight 37 GSM Rip Stop
Design of Canopy Flat Circular
Life of Parachute 15 years or 100 live descents whichever is earlier.